Re. looking for interesting film titles that explore issues involving the
mass media and mass media representations (_Network_, _Videodrome_,
_Broadcast News_, and _Bamboozled_

Being There - a classic on this theme but, I find my students don't like it
as much as I do

The Icicle Thief - clever and humorous commentary on the commercialisation
of television, TV as distribution outlet for film, filmmakers as pure
artists (nobody has seen it but students love it)

The longer list developed for a course on TV & News (a few years ago now)

To Die For (Van Sant, 1995)

Up Close and Personal (Avnet, 1996)

Broadcast News (Brooks, 1987)

Icicle Thief (Nichetti, 1990)

Natural Born Killers (Stone, 1994)

The Killing Fields (Joffe, 1984)

Under Fire (Spottiswoode, 1983)

The Mean Season (Borsos, 1985)

Network (Lumet, 1976)

Special Bulletin (Zwick, 1983 Made for TV Movie)

Videodrome (Cronenberg, 1983)

A Face in the Crowd (Kazan, 1957)

The Twonky (Oboler, 1953)

The Cable Guy (1996, Stiller)

Being There (Ashby, 1979)

Quiz Show (Redford, 1994)

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