I wrote an article focusing on the film: "Present
Personal Truths: The Alternative Phenomenology of Video in I've Heard the
Mermaids Singing," which was published in  Wide Angle (Vol. 15, #3, July
1993).  My research then cited just about everything that had been written
on the film up to that time, so I hope it would be helpful.  I could mail
you a copy if you can't find it in your library, although it may also be
available online.  Good luck--

                        Timothy Shary
                        Clark University

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> i find myself needing in a bit of a hurry some thoughtful
> critical commentary on patricia rozema's I'VE HEARD
> THE MERMAIDS SINGING (1982), and a quick perusal of
> the usual suspects has turned up precious little . . . does
> anyone happen to know offhand of any useful stuff on
> this intriguing little film?
> thanks in advance and -- of course -- apologies for
> cross posting
> mike
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