How about Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-- The press is used to disparage the
Jeff SMith character, for political reasons.

John Shields

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Subject: films about media and media "imperialism"?

Nothing hits me about "media imperialism" per se but the following
films contain various comments on media culture:

My Favorite  Year
A Face In The Crowd
How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Sonic Outlaws
Quiz Show
Star 80
Barton Fink
Wayne's World 2
King of Comedy
Last Action Hero
Max Headroom: 20 minute into ther future (UK TV)
Strange Days
Absolutley True Cheerleader Murder (HBO)
Natural Born Killers
Absence of Malice
Bye Bye Birdie

Then are non-fiction films that engage in media criticism directly:
the Chomsky documentary, Killing Us Softly, Dreamworlds and the other
stuff from Media Education Foundation, Paper Tiger TV (I recommend
"Joan Does Dynasty" and "Born to be Sold")

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