Don Larsson suggests:

>A few foreign films, for contrast?  Fassbinder's MOTHER KUSTERS GOES TO
>HEAVEN, etc.

... and its predecessor, Piel Jutzi's 'Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Gluck'
(umlauts deliberately omitted, as they don't seem to appear as-is after
processing through the listserv).

'M' (both the Fritz Lang and Joseph Losey versions) are worth a look,
too.  In particular, the fully restored version of 'M' includes the
'book-end' scenes of the mother being agitated at the kids singing a morbid
rhyme about the murderer as the film opens, plus at the end sitting outside
the courtroom remarking words to the effect of '...we should have looked
after them more carefully.'  In my 16mm print of 'M' you hear the line but
the screen is black; I've seen a 35mm print in which we see the three
mothers seated on a bench outside the court.  Maybe Nazi sensitivities
resulted in multiple versions.  In any case I think that conclusion to the
film is a very prescient comment on the way the Kurten case was handled by
the mass-media at the time, one which has many modern parallels.


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