To Harvey Greenberg.  Had coffee with an ex-projectionist (and ex-uni
pal) this afternoon, and asked him your question.  In addition to John
Belton's 'Wide Screen Cinema' (Harvard Uni. Press), which someone here
has already recommended, he mentioned a book called 'Wide Screen Movies'
(McFarland, 1988) by Robert Carr and R.M. Hayes, plus 3 websites as

(He said that he may have got the spaces slightly wrong of those URLs,
so you may have to experiment with them to make them work.)

He added that there is 'much, much more stuff available'!  (He should
know.  He attends a widescreen conference that is held each year in
England - Manchester, I think - and knows John Belton from these
conferences.  If you should want to email John Belton, his email address
is <[log in to unmask]>.)

I still like 'Movies On Your Mind' quite a lot, Harvey!

Ken Mogg (author of the non-mutilated UK edition of 'The Alfred
Hitchcock Story', as opposed to the US edition, which I disown).

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