I can't find anything specific in the references I have at hand about
the plot of MARIE-LOUISE, but there is a cast list including character
names on the IMDB, which ought to at least indicate if the film has the
same characters as your book.  You might try checking for contemporary
reviews in such places as VARIETY, THE NY TIMES, etc.  Since it was an
Oscar winner, someone at the Academy might be able to provide more

As a last resort, a Google search using "Marie-Louise" and "Schweizer"
did turn up some sites in German that might relevant, but I don't read

Good luck.

Don Larsson

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I hope someone out there can tell me what the plot or story line is of
Swiss film Marie-Louise.( 1944) It was written by Richard Schweizer who
an Oscar for his original screenplay and won again in 1948 for The
Search. I
think the film is about a little girl (Marie Louise) who is a refugee
the war, but not sure. I have just acquired the book which is in German,
has an inscription from Schweizer. Hope someone can help.

Ira Joel Haber
Cinemage Books

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