Dear friends,

I apologize in advance, if this is cross-posted to you.

When we moved out of New York City to a very small town in Northern New
Jersey, my wife and I wanted to do something for our new community. Well, the
local school would like us to do a children's (grade 5-8) enrichment program
on film. We're considering what we have done at colleges and museums, which
is a history of 20th century exploration (Scott, Shackleton, etc.) -- but we
would like to branch it out to include cinematic exploration. It's just to
show that films have the wonderful ability to take the audience out of their
little town experience and have their minds travel to different cultures and
time (Lumiere, shots of early century New York City and New Jersey, Charles
Burnett short films, animation and art, etc.).

What we have no clue is how to build a syllabus and what activities we can do
with this age. Does anyone have any experience with this or know who we
should talk to? Thanks!

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