Dear Fellow Scholars of Film and TV,

Our deadline for proposals is coming up on 15 September.

Please check out the details at our web site and contact an Area Chair
(there are thirty of them) or me about the meeting.

Kansas City is central to the nation and can be reached conveniently
by automobile and SW Airlines.

Special guests include John Cawelti, Ray Browne,  Jack Nachbar,
and Jim Welsh.  Also, the historical experts from the PBS series
entitled _Frontier House_.


Check the web site for a plethora of detail:


Pedro de Tulsa

Peter C. Rollins
_Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and TV Studies_
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Comments: Individual subscription information on the web site
as well as information and FAQ's about the CD-ROMs. There are
also discussion items and essays on Saving Private Ryan, Amistad,
CNN's Cold War, and a host of other topics. The Table of Contents
for the last thirty years is there as well. The last two issues deal with
The Holocaust in Film.

Next conference is in November, 2002 on The American West(s) in
Film, Television, and History at the Kansas City Marriott, Country Club
Plaza--just a few blocks from the Nelson Art Gallery, a major institution
and just next door to the Kansas City Arts Institute. We are looking for
people to serve as Area Chairs and will put a list of existing and
available Area Chair topics on the web site this summer.

Deadline for proposals is 15 September, 2002.  Early proposals
always get the most compatible panels, so do not wait until the
11th hour!   The Luncheon is included in the registration fee: speakers
include Ray B. Browne, John Cawelti, and Jack Nachbar with special
focus on the impact of Cawelti's pioneering book, _The Six-Gun Mystique_

     Participating authors who have books they wish to have included in the
     display in Kansas City should contact their publisher and make that
     request. The publisher should contact Debby Pitts at The Scholar's
     585-262-2048 x108 / [log in to unmask]

Some years back, we produced a wonderful issue on the The
American Frontier in Film and TV and we are going back to the well.
(See Film & History 26.1-4 [1996]: passim.)

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite