Others probably will note these first two U.S. organizations:

Society of Cinema Studies, which has an annual conference.  Go to

University Film and Video Assocation also has an annual conference.  Go
to www.ufva.org

In addition, there are sections and divisions in the following
communication organizations that deal with film scholarship:

National Communication Association, at www.natcom.org
International Communication Association, at www.icahdq.org

More specialized conferences often are announced on this site, as well
as in the various publications put out by the above organizations.  I'd
be interested in fantasy/sf/horror academic film conferences myself.

Barbara L. Baker, Ph.D.
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>>> [log in to unmask] 08/27/02 10:05PM >>>
I would love to get a list of the most prominent annual, biennial,
national and international conferences and other venues for Film
Film and Television, Horror, and Fantasy.  I've been to Console-ing
Passions, and I've been frequently to the International Conference on
Fantastic in the Arts.  But I'm lacking knowledge of some major Film
conferences and where and when they meet.  Could anybody help me?
in advance,


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