>        Dear All:
>        I remember the Leni debate on screen-l in the mid nineties.
>Time for an update, on the occasion of her 100th birthday.
>Especially considering that her claims to being misunderstood and new
>allegations against her continue, to this very day.
>        Gloria Monti

We had quite some turmoil here in Germany's media today regarding the subject.
A new biography came out a couple of days ago:

"Riefenstahl. Eine deutsche Karriere" by Jürgen Trimborn

providing a perspective of a woman who was fully concentrated on going the career way up.

Althouth commentators agree here that she a now a "world wonder by it own" just to having outlived all turmoil and struggle by living so long thus being a "monument" from another period - just being able to premiere her newest diving "Kulturfilm" about the colors of fish last week.

L.R. actually lost a trial last week and is not allowed to say publicly anymore that "all of the sinti and roma that were ordered as extras for the film production of "Tiefland" were not harmed in any way after the end of production".

Joachim Polzer

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