well, as I said Michael, I could be wrong terming it Bauhaus. I'm not
really sure of it here. It's been too long since I was in school lol.
But the nazi regime did have definite standards for art, which showed
most clearly in posters. and Hitler LOVED posters. And most german
artists of the time were Bauhaus folks. I don't think I would say
Bauhaus was fascist. More like, if they wanted to work and have their
work exhibeted, they had to comply with the nazi regime's requirements
for art. They basically destroyed any art that didn't meet their
standards and persecuted artists who didn't comply. Let's not forget it
wasn't only jews in the camps. The nazis very nearly destroyed the gypsy
race, and also put homosexuals, artists, musicians and any others they
saw as 'deviant' in the camps.
Word to the Wise: A barrel full of monkeys isn't fun for very long if
there aren't any air holes.


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