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Film & History Conference on the American West(s) in Film, TV, and History 
Kansas City Marriott, Kansas City, MO 
November, 2002

Places are still open on panels devoted to the Post-Vietnam Western (1975-the present) at the annual conference of the Film & History Journal in Kansas City. Do you think the western is dead, along with history? Want to fight about it? Frame your fight in the form of a paper that may (or may not) address one of the topics below:

-- "Heaven's Gate"
-- The West(ern) and the end of the Millennium 
-- The films of Clint Eastwood 
-- (Hyper-)masculinity in the Western 

-- "The Quick and the Dead"
-- Femininity in the Western

-- "Lone Star" 

-- "Lonesome Dove," or other works of Larry McMurtry

-- The Western and Deconstruction 
-- "Wild Wild West" 
-- The Western and History
-- "Dances With Wolves" 
-- "The Ballad of Little Jo"

-- The Western and parody

-- "Shanghai Noon"

-- The Western and television

-- The end of the Cold War and the Western

-- Cormac McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" 

-- Billy Bob Thornton's "All the Pretty Horses"

-- The Death of the Western

-- The Western and Ideology

-- Postmodernism and the Western 

-- "Silverado"


The 2002 meeting of the Film & History Society will be at the Kansas City Marriott, Country Club Plaza, next door to the Kansas City Arts Institute. Special events are planned for the meeting. For details about the meeting, the site, and travel, see the web site at


The Deadline for proposals is 15 August, 2002. 

Please send or e-mail a 150-200 word paper proposal and a brief biographical note by AUGUST 15 to: 

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