Legal Institutions and Law in the West/Westerns 

2002 Film & History Society Conference

The American West in Film, TV, and History
Kansas City Marriott, Kansas City, MO
November 7-10, 2002

Seeking individual papers or whole panels addressing the theme "Legal Institutions and Law in the American West/Westerns" for presentation at the 2002 meeting of the Film & History Society to be held at the Kansas City Marriott, Country Club Plaza.  For details about the meeting, the site, and travel, see the web site at

Just how do images of law, lawlessness and legal institutions shape popular consciousness about the American West?  Why have these images been so persistent?  This section of the Film and History Society conference will provide panels that discuss these and other questions.  Papers, group presentation and/or entire panels might address (but are not limited to):

         The construction of the "outlaw" and/or the "bandit"

         "Frontier" justice

         Water and land struggles and the law

         Images of courts, lawyers and other legal officials

         Resolution of social conflict in the west

         Lynchings and other "extra-legal" violence

         Race, class, gender, sexuality and the law

         Law and legality on the U.S./Mexico border

Please snail-mail or e-mail a 150-200-word paper proposal and a brief biographical note of the individual presenting and/or the group members of a panel to:

David A. Reichard

Assistant Professor of History
Institute for Human Communication 
California State University, Monterey Bay 
100 Campus Center 
Seaside, CA 93955 
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707-664-2608 (until summer 2002) 
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831-582-3889 (after August 15, 2002)

Deadline for proposals is August 15, 2002

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