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>What do you think a MaxiVision duplicate would cost, then?

I'm not familiar with MaxiVision, though from the name I'd guess that it is
a large-screen special format, possibly based on 70mm/15 perf technology.

Again, there are variables.  Are you making a one-off dupe or a set of
release prints?  Is the purpose of duplication for preservation, for
distribution, or both?  If you're aiming for distribution, how many copies
(release prints) are you planning on making?  Is the film b/w or
colour?  What sound formats (if any) are involved?  How long is this
film?  And what generation of element are you starting with to make the
dupes (e.g. cut camera negative, CRI, dupe neg, fine grain pos or release
print)?  All of these factors have an influence both on price and the
quality of the dupe(s) you end up with.

An unusual format pushes the price up enormously ('unusual' meaning
anything other than 35mm four-perf), because labs are dealing with smaller
quantities of material and therefore the economies of scale in both
materials (raw stock and printing/processing equipment) and labour are less
favourable than for bulk, contact-printed 35mm release prints which are
banged out by printers and developing machines which can process up to a
million feet per day.  For example, one figure I heard was that the single
70mm release print of '2001' that was rereleased here last summer cost
UKP£20,000 alone.  Yes, that's right, 20 grand just for a single projection

My advice would be to indentify and contact a lab that deals with
MaxiVision.  There may only be one or two - I can't find any mention of
this format in John Belton's 'Widescreen Cinema' so it must be very new,
very specialised or both.  Discuss your project with the lab contact and
ask him or her to come up with a proposal for the post-production work as a
whole and a quote to go with it.  I would then budget for that quote plus
25% to cover contingencies (e.g. unexpected benchwork is necessary, or you
reject an answer print).

Hope this helps

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