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> 'rgb' asks:
>> What do you think a MaxiVision duplicate would cost, then?
> I'm not familiar with MaxiVision, though from the name I'd guess that it is
> a large-screen special format, possibly based on 70mm/15 perf technology.

It's based on 35mm. It basically *is* 35mm but instead of the analog
soundtrack taking up space, it's given up for additional picture area. Plus,
it rolls along at 48 frames per second.

> Discuss your project with the lab contact and
> ask him or her to come up with a proposal for the post-production work as a
> whole and a quote to go with it.  I would then budget for that quote plus
> 25% to cover contingencies (e.g. unexpected benchwork is necessary, or you
> reject an answer print).

Know anybody in the US who can do this? Any contacts there?

> Hope this helps
> Leo


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