Masculinities in the West

Film & HistoryConference on the American Wests in Film, TV, and History
Kansas City Marriott, KansasCity, MO
November 7-10, 2002

Please consider submittingan abstract on Masculinities in the West for
 at the Film & History Conference in November 2002 (KansasCity).

Some possible avenues of exploration:

--WesternMasculinity in historical context: pre-war vs. post-war masculinity,
       influence ofVietnam on the Western, etc.
--Race and masculinity in the Western
--The conflicts within and between masculine types in Western film and
--Boys and Men
--Re-definitionsof masculinity in late 20th century Western film, television,
and        criticism
--The Cowboy
--Masculinity inthe work of specific directors (e. g. Ford, Mann, Boetticher,
--The cults of masculinity associated with certain Western actors: John
Wayne, Gary   Cooper,etc.
--"Bully manhood" and othermasculine ideals
--Recent criticism on masculinity in the Western

The 2002 meeting of the Film & History Society will be at the Kansas City
Country Club Plaza, next door to the Kansas City Arts Institute.  Special
events are
planned for the meeting.  For details about the meeting, the site, and
travel, see the
web site at  The deadline for proposals is August

Please send or e-mail a 150-200 word paper proposal and a brief biographical
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