'rgb' writes:

>It's [MaxiVision] based on 35mm. It basically *is* 35mm but instead of the
>analog soundtrack taking up space, it's given up for additional picture
>area. Plus, it rolls along at 48 frames per second.

Assuming this is 4-perf pulldown (i.e. each frame occupies the vertical
area between four columns of perforations) then any lab that can handle
35mm full-gate silent should be able to deal with it.  I've often thought
that you could bring back the full-gate ratio as combined digital formats
now enable sound data or a timecode to be placed between the perforations
or outside them (e.g. with Dolby digital and SDDS).  But why 48fps?  Unless
there is something seriously weird about the shutter design of a MaxiVision
projector, I can't see how this would improve picture quality.  If anything
I'd bring back three-blade shutters and shooting at 16fps - the perceived
motion quality is just as good as 24 (in fact, the only reason why 24 was
eventually standardised was because early optical analogue sound systems
needed 1.5 feet of film per second in order to hold a reasonable signal),
and you'd be saving a third of your bill for film stock, not to mention the

But if it is 4-perf and 48fps, remember to double footage to running time
ratios when calculating costs, i.e. 3 feet per second and 180 feet per minute.

>Know anybody in the US who can do this? Any contacts there?

No, sorry.  I'd try Kodak's website for lab links or just put 'motion
picture laboratory' into a search engine as a starting point.  Far better,
though, to try and find someone who knows what labs are available in your
area and the range and quality of services they offer relative to
price.  But as I stressed in my last post, your choice of lab will be
determined to a great extent by precisely what film elements you have and
what forms of duplication you require.


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