Press Release:  05.10.02
(Greetings From Planet Telluride)

Dear Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters,

We are *now* into our "LAST Call for Entries" for Telluride IndieFest
2002 (August 30 - September 2)!

------------ Please Note:

We are (again) *limiting* entries to 1000 (total of all films,
videos, and screenplays) -
and once we *receive* 1000 entries - we may *close* the event to any
further entries.

As well - we need to RECEIVE *all* entries (not 'postmarked') by:
June 1, 2002.

-------- Enter Online:

Just click on "Year 2002 Entry Forms" - and you are on your way!


We look forward to receiving and previewing your entries!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride IndieFest

Showcasing the *best* independent films and screenplays in the world!

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