Call for Papers:  THE ANTI-WESTERN

The Film & History Conference in November 2002 looks at "American Wests
in Film, TV, and History." The special Area on THE ANTI-WESTERN (e.g.,
Little Big Man, Westworld, Once Upon a Time in the West, Unforgiven)
will consider the aesthetic, cultural, and historical attempts to
dismantle the archetypal Western. Why does this type persist, or are its
days numbered? When do we resist it? When does it go underground? What
other guises does it then adopt? What literary or cultural forces does
it respond to in its anti-thetical form? Is a feminine aesthetic at the
heart of the anti-Western film?

The Area will consider a broad range of questions about the nature and
function of the "anti-Western" film. Other critical inquiries into this
type of cinema or television are therefore most heartily welcome. The
scholarly pioneer John Cawelti will be with us to share his insights.

Beware, though: only dead folks pony up their proposals after August 15,

The conference will hole up in the Kansas City Marriott, Kansas City,
MO, November 2002. They say the water's good there. Here's the link for
extra bullets:

Please e-mail a brief proposal (~200 words) and an even briefer
biographical note to this panel's neighborly sheriff:

Dr. Loren Quiring
Department of English
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI 54901
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