Dear List,

I am on a DIGEST function for the list, so excuse the delayed
response.  I note there were questions about subscribing. A real
film scholar should subscribe to all of them and should read them
as they come in.  It should be one of the self-imposed obligations
of a true devotee of the field.  (Not one of the journals below costs
more than a dinner at the local Red Lobster.)

Journals for the field:

1. The Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television

Editor: David Culbert of History, Louisiana State U  [log in to unmask]
       This is the journal of IAMHIST, the international group which
        meets biennially and attracts the finest work in  Europe and the US.
        Most members participate in other conferences as well.
Publisher: CARFAX publishes this journal

2. The Literature/Film Quarterly   [log in to unmask]
Editor: Jim Welsh, Salisbury Univeristy (Maryland)
       This journal considers adaptations of literature to film, but also has
       space for major directors.  The Shakespeare on Film issues have been
       terrific and immediately useful for teachers.
Publisher: Dept. of English, Salisbury University

3. Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies
Editor: Peter C. Rollins, Oklahoma State U   [log in to unmask]
Publisher:  Ridgemont Press
       Started in 1970, this journal is aimed at historians, students of
       and humanists--as well as film scholars.  The 32 years of the journal
       outlined on its web site:

       Focus is on impact of film on culture and how films reflect their
       Much interest in propaganda. Produces a CD-ROM each year with a
       treasure trove of articles, books, research documents.

4. The Journal of Popular Film and Televison
Editors: Michael Marsden (Eastern Kentucky) and Gary Edgerton (Old Dominion),
                         [log in to unmask]
       This colorful journal takes popular films seriously and has a wonderful
       publication record over the years.  It was a real pioneer in its day
       carries on that tradition
Publisher: Heldref Publications

5. Post Script: Essays in the Humanities
Editors: Gerald Duchovnay  (Texas A&M-Commerce) and JP Telotte (Georgia
                   Institute of Technology)
       Of all the journals listed here, this is the most handsome in
       and is of equal quality in terms of content.  I have before me the
issue for
       Spring, 2000.  Edited by Lynnea Chapman King, it focuses on
       X Films" and is a model for hip scholars.
Publisher: Texas A&M

There may be more journals out there ready to roll....


Peter C. Rollins
_Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and TV Studies_
(Web site:
RR 3 Box 80
Cleveland, OK 74020
(918)243-7637 and fax 5995
[log in to unmask]

Comments: Individual subscription information on the web site
as well as information and FAQ's about the CD-ROMs. There are
also discussion items and essays on Saving Private Ryan, Amistad,
CNN's Cold War, and a host of other topics. The Table of Contents
for the last thirty years is there as well. The last two issues dealt with
The Cold War in Film and TV (Vols. 31.1 and 31.2).  The next two move on
to The Holocaust in Film, the subject of our recent AHA session in
San Francisco in early January, 2002.

Next conference is in November, 2002 on The American West(s) in
Film, Television, and History at the Kansas City Marriott, Country Club
Plaza--just a few blocks from the Nelson Art Gallery, a major institution
and just next door to the Kansas City Arts Institute. We are looking for
people to serve as Area Chairs and will put a list of existing and
available Area Chair topics on the web site this summer.

Deadline for proposals is 15 August, 2002.  Early proposals
always get the most compatible panels, so do not wait until the
11th hour!

Some years back, we produced a wonderful issue on the The
American Frontier in Film and TV and we are going back to the well.
(See Film & History 26.1-4 [1996]: passim.)

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