To the traditional print journals that have already been suggested, I would

Journal of Film and Video (UFVA)
Critical Studies in Mass Communication (NCA)
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (BEA)

And I'd like to pose a related question:

Have any online-only journals been able to establish a serious academic rep

E.g., Postmodern Culture (which, of course, is not just a media studies
journal) has been around since 1990.  Have academics found it useful
getting jobs, promotions, and/or tenure?

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>Subject: Journals
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>Sorry to start such a seemingly trivial thread, but I was just having a
>conversation with a colleague and we were discussing film, television
>and related journals which had the highest academic reputations
>(deserved or not). These were not necessarily journals which we
>subscribe to, read, or even want to submit to, but are considered the
>heavy hitters on a CV. The list we came up with is appallingly small:
>Cinema Journal
>(maybe)Camera Obscura
>And I wanted to put it out to you what your opinions were regarding the
>major film and TV journals for academic weight.
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Jeremy Butler
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