It depends on what is meant by paying particular attention to designs of the
period, but here are some more titles:

Casino, Goodfellas (bits of) People vs Larry Flynt, Donnie Brasco, Dazed and
Confused, Jesus' Son, Crooklyn, (& from the UK) East is East, Buddha of
Suburbia (miniseries, but pretty relevant)  Resurrection Man.


Ian Haydn Smith at [log in to unmask] wrote:

 > I'm interested in compiling a list of films made
 > during the Nineties that are set during the Seventies
 > and which pay particular attention to the fashions and
 > designs of the time.
 > Obvious films are 'The Ice Storm', 'Boogie Nights' and
 > 'The Brady Bunch'.
 > Can anyone add to the list?
 > Ian Haydn Smith

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