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The Journal of Film Music provides an interdisciplinary forum for
scholars in music, film, and other disciplines who share a common
interest in this vital new area of scholarly inquiry.  Though now
represented in mainstream journals in music, film, the media, and mass
communication, scholarly writing on film music is currently dispersed
across many publications throughout the world.  By providing a scholarly

journal devoted to the subject, the interdisciplinary work of film music

studies can flourish.  Contributions encompassing all aspects of film
music history, analysis, theory, and criticism are welcome.

Volume 1, Number 1, Summer 2002
EDITORIAL: William H. Rosar.  ARTICLES: Robynn J. Stilwell, The
Literature of Film Music: A Critical Review.  Charles Leinberger,
Thematic Variation and Key Relationships: Charlotte's Theme in Max
Steiner's Score for Now, Voyager.  REVIEWS: David Neumeyer, Overtones
and Undertones:  Reading Film Music by Royal S. Brown and The Art of
Film Music by George Burt.  Linda Schubert, Hugo Friedhofer: The Best
Years of His Life edited by Linda Danly and Music and the Silent Film:
Contexts and Case Studies, 1895-1924 by Martin Marks.  Charles
Leinberger, Max Steiner's Now, Voyager: A Film Score Guide by Kate

Forthcoming issues include:

James Wierzbicki
University of California at Irvine

E. Todd Fiegel, The Day the Earth Stood Still: An Analysis of Bernard
Herrmann's Score.  William Wrobel, Herrmann's Self-Borrowing.  Thomas
DeMary, Herrmann's Music for Selznick's Portrait of Jennie.  Ronald
Burbella, "Jennie's Song" in Portrait of Jennie.  David Cooper, Film
Form and Musical Form in Bernard Herrmann's Score to Vertigo.  James
Wierzbicki, Grand Illusion:  The "Storm Cloud" Music in The Man Who Knew

Too Much.  REVIEW:  Richard Littlefield, A Heart at Fire's Center by
Steven Smith.

Robynn J. Stilwell
Georgetown University

Michael Beckerman
University of California at Santa Barbara


William H. Rosar

Linda Schubert
Book Review Editor

Leslie Andersen
Managing Editor


Brad Eden
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Michael Long
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Robynn Stilwell
Georgetown University

James Wierzbicki
University of California at Irvine


Michael Beckerman
University of California at Santa Barbara

Royal S. Brown
City University of New York

Alfred W. Cochran
Kansas State University

James V. D'Arc
Brigham Young University

Annette Davison
University of Leeds, England

Kevin J. Donnelly
Staffordshire University, England

Caryl Flinn
University of Arizona

Andrew L. Kaye
Albright College

Miguel Mera
Royal College of Music

David Neumeyer
University of Texas at Austin

Michael V. Pisani
Vassar College

Stephan Prock
The College of William and Mary

Larry Timm
California State University, Fullerton

Richard Trombley
University of Oregon

James L. Zychowicz
A-R Editions



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