_Romance & the Yellow Peril: Race, Sex & Discursive Strategies in Hollywood
 Marchetti, Gina

_Star trek and history : race-ing toward a white future_ Daniel Bernardi.
narrates the shifting meaning of race from the original series to the Star
Trek films, the first series sequel, and finally, to the fan texts on a Star
Trek listserve

Eric Avila has an article on post WWII science fiction film and post WWII
anxieties of racialized others in _Classic Hollywood, Classic Whiteness_ D.
Bernardi ed.

Rey Chow's Primitive passions : visuality, sexuality, ethnography, and
contemporary Chinese cinema

Chon Noriega has an excellent chapter on the Ramona text that touches on
performance and race in The Birth of Whiteness: Race and The Emergence U.S.
cinema, D. Bernardi ed.

I was wondering if anyone could lead me to articles and/or books dealing
with race and performance in popular media (specifically, how race gets
performed through visual tropes and aesthetic styles). Also,  general
literature dealing with race and ethnicity in mainstream science fiction
films. I'm particularly interested in work that has been done (if any) on
these issues as they might relate to the construction or appropriation of
Asian or Asian American identity.

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite

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