Wojciech Has's 'Manuscript Found in Saragossa', from a novel by Jan Potocki,
might be worth looking at.  It's not that any individual thing that happens
is hard to understand, or that cause-effect is obscure, but the plot is an
overwhelming nesting of stories - a person tells a tale, then someone in
that tale begins another..so on.  As far as I'm concerned it's a classic
example of 'losing the plot' very much enhancing the fun factor.
Slightly OT, Charlie Kauffman's script for the not-yet-released 'Adaptation'
(dir. Spike Jonze) contains what I *think* is a broadside against films like
The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, The Sixth Sense - e.g. films that finally
extricate themselves from their own complexities with 'cheating'
explanations.  In the script, the scriptwriter character has a pathetic twin
who's blithely writing a serial killer picture with some help from Robert
McKee: the twist is that cop, killer, and girl victim turn out in the end to
all be the same person.


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