>Wanted:  Scholar to write review (c. 1,500 words) of two recent documentaries:
>By Richard Schickel, for ABC-TV
>Narrated by Tom Hanks.
>American combat photographers in Europe and the Pacific theater of
>war.  Extensive archive footage, some never released.
>A Film by Christian Frei
>Documentary portrait of James Nachtwey
>FirstRun/Icarus Films release
>2002 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature
>Christian Frei followed Nachtwey for two years into the wars in
>Indonesia, Kosovo, Palestine ...Video micro-cameras are attached to
>Nachtwey's photo-camera. We participate in the act of shooting war
>photos. And for the first time in the history of movies about
>photographers, this technique allows us the most intimate insight.
>Review to appear in THE MOVING IMAGE, Journal of the Association of
>Moving Image Archivists (University of Minnesota Press).  Deadline
>Aug. 1, 2002.  Videocassettes available for review.
>Reply to this email.
>Dan Streible, Asst. Professor of Film Studies
>Dept. of Art
>1615 Senate ST.
>University of South Carolina
>Columbia, SC  29208
>(803) 777-9158; fax 777-0535

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