Hi; apologies for cross-posting.

I'm looking for a film to discuss in my thesis where a single actor plays
two different parts and the characters look alike or identical.  (e.g., they
are twins, siblings, doppelgangers, reincarnations, whatever.)  It needs to
be an important part of the story that the two characters look alike - the
plot might turn on mistaken identity or something - but it's clear that they
are not, in the fiction, the same person (so not VERTIGO.)  To be of use to
me the film must, must, must be adapted from a literary work (but not a
play), and inherit the look-alikes from it. (Ideally the actor in question
would be a star, or at least a familiar face; and the film would be
something worth studying & thinking about.
Thanks very much,

Laura Carroll

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