Andrew Ty asks:

> I'm devoting three screenings that illustrate the fascist aesthetic.
> Beginning with Triumph of the Will, my THIRD film will be Brazil (as an
> illustration of the way the carnivalesque is used to satirize the fascist
> aesthetic). I'm looking for a SECOND film that will show the influence of
> Triumph on mainstream cinema. Star Wars would be the obvious example, but
> I'd much rather show something else. I thought of Starship Troopers, but
> that's a little satirical already, and I was looking for something a little
> more straight-faced. Any thoughts, anyone?

I don't know how straight-faced any of these are (let alone
"mainstream" in some cases), but you might consider THE LION KING, Ken
Russell's TOMMY, Peter Watkins' PRIVILEGE, Ridley Scott's GLADIATOR,
EVITA, and JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR.  For a teaser, you might be
interested in Janet Jackson's video of "Rhythm Nation."

Don Larsson

Donald F. Larsson, English Department, AH 230
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN  56001

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