Hi.  Regarding Dr. Butler's helpful comments:

"DVD drives in computers themselves are configured so that one cannot
save images from them (something to do with a video overlay?)--although
there may be software to get around this limitation."

Fortunately, one can turn the video accelerator off within one's DVD
software to enable those all important screen grabs.  The video
accelerator does something along the lines of sending the info around or
right past the video card and directly to the display (some computer
expert might want to correct any misinformation in this sentence).  In
any case, it works in run-of-the-mill software that comes with a
DVD-ROM.  You just have to hunt around within the software's "setup" or
"preferences" menus to find that switch.  Then you can waste as much
time as you want grabbing good-looking stills.  My home-made Wizard of
Oz screensaver slideshow has brought spiritual peace.

Neal King
Belmont University Sociology
Nashville TN 37212
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