The Political Film Society has nominated the following films for awards in 
four categories:

   AntiTrust
   Atlantis: The Lost Empire
   Bread and Roses
   Lumumba
   The Majestic

   Behind Enemy Lines
   The Iron Ladies
   Lumumba
   Our Lady of the Assassins
   Uprising

   Born Under Libra
   Bread and Roses
   Focus
   The Hidden Half
   Lumumba

   Atlantis: The Lost Empire
   Divided We Fall
   Journey to the Sun
   Lumumba

Founded in 1986, the Political Film Society is an independent, nonprofit 
membership organization located in Hollywood that honors filmmakers who make 
important political statements. The Political Film Society’s international 
membership is larger than the organization that confers the Golden Globe 

Members vote each year to give awards to film directors who most 
meritoriously raise the political consciousness and receive newsbulletins 2-3 
times each month containing reviews of the latest politically-relevant films. 
To join (and become a juror to select the award winners each year), send a 
check for $5.00 to "Political Film Society," Post Office Box 461267, 
Hollywood, CA 90046.

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