Dear Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters,

Our "First Call" (discounted) entry fees will be ending *soon* -
February 28, 2002 - so, enter *early*, save a few bucks - and 'avoid
the rush at closing'!

Please visit the festival's web site at:

and fill out the *online* entry form - for it greatly simplifies the
entire entry process!

--------------------- Please Note:

The *new* dates for Telluride IndieFest 2002 are:  August 30 -
September 2 (over the Labor Day Weekend).


We look forward to seeing you on Planet Telluride - during the
*beautiful* summertime!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride IndieFest

Showcasing the *best* independent films and screenplays in the world!

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