It's my understanding that "grey-market," when used properly, of course, refers to a bootleg of a film that is public domain under
the Harrison Act.  Video Search of Miami would be an example of a true grey-market company, since they immediately delete anything
that is made illegal by an official release.  Unfortunately, they did this with their Godzilla films, which were letterboxed and
subtitled.  At least some you can get over here letterboxed and dubbed, but none subtitled, and most truncated, though I understand
_Gojira_ got a brief Criterion LD release around the time Emmerich had his film in theatres.  It really sucks when bootleggers make
a better quality product than legitimate dealers (to continue the Godzilla example, most of those DVDs are from Simitar, which has
_Terror of Mechagodzilla_ in pan & scam (apparently since a letterboxed U.S. version could not be located) and I have Simitar's disc
of Anima Mundi, which is the worst-authored DVD I have ever seen, making me not want to buy anything from Simitar.


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> >> I am looking for professional videos of the following movies:
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> > By "professional" do you mean legit copies?  All four titles are pretty easily
> > found from grey-market dealers.
> >
> Actually that would be BLACK market dealers. If you are going to buy pirate
> bootlegs at least call them what they are. I know it irresistible  tempting
> for film scholars to buy an illegal tape but just don't blame us
> distributors if we can't afford to put out a "good" copy of a film because
> no one will pay for it
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