For "Faat Kine" you should try giving New Yorker Films a call
(877-247-6200, toll free) or look at their website
(  On their website, if you click on
"Non-Theatrical/Educational", you will find "Faat Kine" listed.  If you
have Adobe Acrobat Reader, clicking on the film's title will take you to a
nice write-up along with contact information for rentals (16mm, 35mm, or
VHS for public performance),

Jonathan Nichols-Pethick

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Kathleen J. Wininger wrote:

> Hello!
> Our Media department has been unable to locate distributors for either
> Ousmane Sembene's "Faat Kine"   and Adama Drabo's  TAAFE FANGA (Skirt
> Power, 1997).  Does anyone know of US distributors?
> Also does anyone know of a general rental-by-mail company which specializes
> in African or at least foreign and independent  movies?  There's slim
> pickins now that I'm in Maine.
> Thanks,
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