There is one limitation to be aware of though. Many machines will play NTSC
tapes at SP speed only.

At 03:19 10/01/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>When you say that you know that you cannot use NTSC tapes, is that because
>you've asked the institute where you are giving the talk or because you
>assume that British machines are incompatible with the NTSC format???
>A lot of British VCRs actually play NTSC tapes even if they don't look as if
>they are meant to (it's usually the older machines that don't). There can be
>loss of quality, the degree of which depends on the machine. But I've got
>what is possibly the cheapest VCR on the UK market and it plays NTSC tapes
>more or less perfectly. Expensive machines may even have a PAL/NTSC switch
>on them.

C. Paul Sellors
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