Dear Colleagues,

Marsha Cassidy and I are pleased to announce the debut of the SCSTV ONLINE

The GUIDE is an online annotated bibliography designed for television and
media scholars.  Its purpose is to assemble from members' submissions a
list of archives, collections, websites, reference books, commercial
resources, and other materials that support the scholarly study of
television.  The GUIDE does not exclude references to radio and film, of
course, as media resources often overlap.

Because this website is a compilation of shared contributions, your input
is essential.  Right now the GUIDE lists those resources presented by
members of the Working Group on Historic Preservation at the 2001 SCS
Washington conference.  We hope that you will take time to look at these
listings and then add your own submission(s) to the bibliography.  With
your help, we have the opportunity to build a rich collection of annotated
references.  We invite your insights about each resource and practical
tips for use.

So please click on the site below to access this new GUIDE.  From there
you will see the simple form for you to fill out for each resource you wish
to add.
You may also use this form to contribute comments about a resource already


We look forward to your response to the GUIDE and welcome your comments
and suggestions.

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Best wishes to all for 2002,
Marsha Cassidy
Chris Becker

Sorry for any cross-postings.  We didn't want to miss anyone.

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