If I were at home, instead of a few thousand kilometres away, I could
provide a more thorough list of films and other references.  I'd suggest
that you search the site "Literary Kicks," Levi Asher's Web site on all
things Beat, which includes listings for Beat-related films, as I recall.
You might also consult Jack Sargeant's book, Naked Lens:  Beat Cinema;
David Sterritt's book, Mad To Be Saved; and, from another era, my
dissertation, "The Beat Generation and the New American Cinema 1956-60,"
written at Northwestern in 1984.

Though I might not have dates and names handy, I can add a few titles to
the list:

Wholly Communion (Peter Whitehead, 1965)
The Beat Generation (Janet Forman)
Fried Shoes, Cooked Diamonds
What Happened to Kerouac? (Richard Lerner, Lewis MacAdams, 1985)
Burroughs (Howard Brookner, 1984)
The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg (Jerry Aronson, 1993)

There are more.

Blaine Allan

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