Ron writes:
>logistically, I just can't see how this could be done,
>even if someone was stupid enough to want to. If the
>towers were simply peripheral to the movie, part of
>the set, sure, you could CGI them out. But the towers
>are an integral part of the film, taking them out
>would destroy the integrity of the movie.

Taking the Towers out of any film destroys its integrity.

It is also colossally stupid and short-sighted.  Imbecilic and offensive.  Cowardly and submissive.

Here in NY, everyone is buying posters/photos/keyrings that show the city in its glorious once-was before
war was declared . . . we've got posters in our cars, on our keyrings, on our office walls, in our store
windows . . . even silhouettes on windshields . . . I,
for example, have it so that I am looking at the proper
NYC skyline over the Brooklyn Bridge wherever I go.

So what Hollywood jackass thinks that we should cower
and forget?  To quote PeeWee Herman, I say, let him go . . .


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