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An easy way to find films about trials, courts, judges etc:
a) Go to
b) click on "more searches" in the "search
the database" box (top left on the page)
c) enter search word or words (e.g.: court judge)
in the "word search" field and set the pull-down-
menu on the right to search in "plots":
Click on "Go!" and you find all the movies
which have these words in their plot description...

An Australian "classic" would be the court martial
drama "Breaker Morant" (1980). It's in a military
setting, though: Three Aussie officers follow their
orders to shoot civilians in the Boer War (1901).
In the aftermath, the Army claims never to have
issued that order, and has the soldiers locked up
and court-martialled...
Director: Bruce Beresford, Actors: Bryan
Brown, Jack Thompson, Ed Woodward
Available on DVD & VHS

Houchang Allahyari made an Austrian prison
film called "Fleischwolf" ("Meat Grinder").
Allahyari worked as a prison psychiatrist
for years - the movie is rather, uh, tough.
Might be available via the distribution

If I remember correctly, there's a court
martial in "Oberst Redl"
(Available on DVD in the US)

"The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" (1989, TV)
sounds interesting, especially the plot involving
the Hulk (as a witness), a blind lawyer, and
a mob boss). Unusual, but American :-)

"Kinder vor Gericht" (Germany 1931) sounds
interesting, but doesn't seem to be available:
(Rough title translation: "Children in court")

Also, there are several "court" series on German
TV, usually about neighbors who sue each other
over some tree or similarly ridiculous causes...
with real judges :-).

Dave Skreiner
Editor, DVD-Home Mag (Germany)

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> hello:
> does anyone have suggestions for foreign (european, soviet, asian, etc.)
> movies containing a scene of a trial whose standards are altogether
> different from what we are accustomed to?
> thanks in advance
> jean-pierre
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