Jean-Pierre, two films came to mind when I read your question.  I don't
know how helpful to your purpose either may be.

The first is David Lean's MADELEINE (1950), centring on the trial of
Madeleine Smith for poisoning her lover, in which the Scottish jury
returns a verdict of 'Not Proven'.

The other film is Henri-Georges Clouzot's LA VERITE/THE TRUTH (1960),
starring Brigitte Bardot, in which the French juridical system of the
time (and still?) assumes the guilt of the accused person unless the
Defence manages to show otherwise.  (I hope to the heavens I've got that
right.  Please hasten to correct me if I haven't.  It's many years since
I saw the film.)

And what about Kurosawa's RASHOMON (1950), set in feudal times?  In
court, four people give different versions of what happened.  However, I
don't know how radically different from today's the feudal trial system

Also, maybe check out the bibliographical list, "The Lawyer's Story -
Legal Narrative E-Texts", on the University of Texas website:

- Ken Mogg (Ed., 'The MacGuffin').

Jean-Pierre Geuens wrote:
> hello:
> does anyone have suggestions for foreign (european, soviet, asian, etc.)
> movies containing a scene of a trial whose standards are altogether
> different from what we are accustomed to?
> thanks in advance

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