I usually compare Stone's style of filmmaking to that of Spike Lee - I find
both filmmakers quite similar in their ... how to put this nicely? ... their
*emphatic* style of filmmaking? Both Lee and Stone are similar in the sense
that they both seem to shout at their audience - LOOK AT THIS 'CAUSE IT'S
THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! And when neither filmmaker has much to say,
they try to dazzle with technical virtuosity (although, Stone is usually
more guilty of this than Lee is). Granted that both filmmakers have made
some excellent pictures (for me Stone's Salvador and U-Turn, Lee's
Bamboozled and Malcolm X), but the more 'standard' fare they produce tends
to be overstated. What? You mean the American Government might be concealing
information from us? or that Vietnam was a horrible experience? or that when
you get too many New Yorkers into a single room, racial epithets start
flying? or mixed-race couples find it difficult to get along? There's racial
tension in Brooklyn? (Ok, that last one was a bit unfair of Do The Right
Thing, but I think is applicable to Summer of Sam).
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> Hi all
> I was wondering, which American Film Director can Oliver Stone be compared
> to. For example where does he draw his cinematic style and narrative style
> from. I am just curious to know because I enjoyed watching JFK, PLATOON
> Kind regards
> Try Cecil B. DeMille, the other great self-declared (and self-important)
> Hollywood historian. As for cinematic and narrative style: Don't be fooled
> by the montage. These are very conventional films.
> Kind regards,
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