October 6, 2001

To: Friends of the Southwest/Texas PCA/ACA

From: Peter C. Rollins, Program Chair

Subj:  Area Chairs, Topics, and Local Details
        for our February meeting, 13-17 February, 2002.

    The 2002 meeting of the Southwest/Texas PCA/ACA
will be in Albuquerque otra vez, 13-17 February.  We plan on
a wonderful time at the Albuquerque Hilton (new hotel to us)
and the adjacent Fairmont by Marriott. (Full details about the
place, the hotels, etc are on our web site.)

    Our luncheon speaker, this year, will be TONY HILLERMAN.
He will discuss his (then) recent memoir about how he became a writer of
a very distinctive style of fiction, the "Navajo mysteries."   Many
of our folks have been studying Hillerman for years; here is an
opportunity to meet him and to form a personal impression of a
true popular culture artist.

    Our web site has a full spectrum of AREAS OF STUDY
for you to consider--ranging from Media and Literature to unusual
topics such as "Weather and the West" or "Atomic Culture."
There should be something for everyone in this tortilla stew of

    A poster will be mailed  out next week.  It will explain that our
deadline for proposals has been moved to 10 December.  Naturally, the
early birds get the best panels and most compatible company, so check out
the Area Chairs on the web site and contact them instanter!  They will
be delighted to hear from you.

    If the web site does not explain itself clearly, feel free to write
to Peter C. Rollins or Michael K. Schoenecke with your queries.  Any
complaints, as always, go to Schoenecke, our quality control officer
for the last twenty years.

    Special bargains with Southwest Airlines and Avis Car Rentals
are described on the web site......

    Be there or be square!

Peter Rollins
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Michael K. Schoenecke
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