There are a number of these. Son Go Ku is the title of several versions.  There was a Chinese film based on the story in the
eighties; there was _The Monkey Prince_ in '97/'98, probably the first American version of the story, but the one you are probably
looking for is _Saiyu-ki_ (Osama Tezuka, et al, 1960).  It was released on video about eight years ago in both widescreen anamorphic
and pan & scan VHS.  The U.S. title was _Alakazam the Great_.  The widescreen version cost twice as much.  Neither remained
"in-print" very long.  I wanted to get the widescreen version, but never did, because I don't have much expendable income.


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> I'm trying to find the title of an animated movie that was made, I
> think, back in the 60s, in either Japan or China. I'm thinking China. It
> was a kids movie, and it was about Monkey. I remember it being shown on
> network TV many years back. One of those movies they pull out when they
> have nothing else to show on sunday afternoon. But I have a friend who's
> interested in the legend of Monkey, so if anyone can recall the name of
> this film, I'd sure appreciate it.
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