** please note -- the deadline for submissions for M/C
Reviews' "Interactive" feature has been extended to Friday 28th


An M/C Reviews feature


To mark the 3rd anniversary of M/C: a Journal of Media and Culture
and its review section, M/C Reviews, we would like to invite
contributions for a reviews feature on the subject of media/consumer

We will publish a collection of short critiques, reviews or thought-
pieces (each submission should be 1500 words or less) on a broad
range of interpretations of the terms "interactive"
or "interactivity" as they relate to media studies and cultural

Possible topics include (but should not be limited to):

- interactive television programs/television events - voting on
television program outcomes such as "Big Brother" or "The Eurovision
Song Contest", ask the audience/phone a friend/home viewer; style
participation in TV game shows, the illusion of consumer
influence/participation. The relationship between interactivity and

- interactive television channels (eg Sky TV's choices of camera
angles eg "player cam", pausing 'live'; action etc)

- editing and censorship (as a consequence of consumer

- interactivity in cinemas (choosing alternative endings)

- the internet and its consumption

- internet fan sites (fanzines/fiction, role playing, message boards)

- letters to the editor; "your say" in newspapers, magazines or on-
line discussion forums

- interactivity in literature (political or autobiographical
narratives and the reader as "witness", or books that allow
alternative endings to be chosen, eg. "Choose Your Own Adventures")

- interactive theatre/performance

- computer games ('quest' games, open endings)

The release of this special feature will co-incide with the
publication of the "Colour"; edition of M/C. "Colour";
and "Interactive"; will be the centrepieces of the October
anniversary celebrations of the journal, culminating in the launch
party for ournew site design and new URL to be held in Brisbane,
Queensland, Australia.

The deadline for submissions is September 28th 2001. Articles should
be no longer than 1500 words (submissions exceeding this length will
not be considered). All articles will be subject to a blind peer
review process. Please send completed submissions and any enquiries
via e-mail to Kelly McWilliam [log in to unmask] or Kate
Douglas [log in to unmask]

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