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German filmmakers attempted to grapple with government-fostered public
hysteria and severe infringement of civil rights after terrorist
attacks, kidnappings, hi-jackings of airliners, murders of Israeli
athletes, etc. by the RAF and the PLF in the Federal Republic of Germany
in the 70's. Films such as The Lost Honor of Katherina Blum, Marianne
and Juliane, Strongman Ferdinand, Circle of Deceit, The Third
Generation, Stammheim, and the omnibus film Germany in Autumn - to name
just a few, could be productively used in courses to gain different and
critical perspectives on some of what is already going on in this
country as a reaction to the attacks in New York and Washington. A
"Crusade to Eliminate Evil in the World" is the last thing needed at
this point.

Janis Solomon
Prof. of German & Chair German Studies
Director: Program in Film Studies
Connecticut College

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