>I am looking for films and resources for a course I am preparing on
>non-linear narrative. I am also analizing films in which you can
>detect the influence of multimedia visual strucutures/ metafors

>I' d appreciate any help and sugestions you may have.


I strongly suggest you read Janet H. Murray, "The Pedagogy of Cyberfiction:
Teaching a Course on Reading and Writing Interactive Narrative," in Edward
Barrett and Marie Redmond, eds., Contextual Media: Multimedia and
Interpretation. MIT Press, 1995. Examples of films she uses are Chuck
Jones' Daffy Duck cartoon, "Duck Amuck," the film Groundhog Day, and the
Star Trek: TNG episode "Parallels." A paradigmatic literary (nonlinear)
narrative here is Borges' "The Garden of Forking Paths." See also many
short stories by Robert Coover, including for instance "The Magic Poker"
and "The Gingerbread House," both in his 60s collection Pricksongs &


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