>> Far from being repellant films like
>>Bonnie & Clyde, The Godfather, MASH,
>>Catch-22 and The Dirty Dozen were big

        lang is clearly right, and my wishful attempt to find
        some bit of silver lining in all these clouds seems
        futile . . . still, could one reasonably claim that
        the violence in those films [i'm thinking especially
        of the violence in CATCH-22--both movie and book]
        DID feel awful and repellant, even if the films them-
        selves were successful? . . . to put it differently,
        could one argue that the violence in those films
        aimed at  playing a role in a rhetoric of  anti-
        violence, unlike the violence of schwarzenneger,
        stallone, bronson, van damme, et. al. which is
        meant to be enjoyed, celebrated and applauded?

        i'm not sure about this, and i guess that DIRTY
        DOZEN shoots that theory in the foot [or in the
        head] cause as i remeber it all these years later
        it hardly harbored a pacifist sensibility [as CATCH-
        22 in fact did]

        what do people think??


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