I found some smoking ads in episodes of Dragnet that I screened in a
Television Studies class last year.  Jack Webb (Joe Friday) steps out of
character, a extols the virtues of Camels (I think).  Amazing that one ad
claims that "more doctors recommend Camels" than any other brand.  I belive
the same was true in an episode of "The Lone Wolf" and as I remember a piece
of the set used in the fictional part of the show was used as a site for the

Hope this helps.


Chris Horak <[log in to unmask]> said:

> My museum is doing a multi-media exhibition on tobacco smoking in the media.
> I am looking for clips that thematize tobacco smoking in movies, tv,
> commercials, industrials, educationals, etc, preferably pd.
> Looking forward to suggestions.
> Thanks.
> CHRIS Horak
> Curator
> Hollywood Entertainemnt Museum
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