*Kinoeye*:  The fortnightly internet journal of film in the new Europe.

First issue now up at

*Kinoeye* is now starting as an independent publication after three years of
being a successful column in other journals, most recently the award-winning
*Central Europe Review*.

The remit will widen to include all cinema at the "fringes" of European
film-making, including geographical fringes (such as central and eastern
Europe), genre fringes (for example, there will be a semi-regular column on
European horror edited by Steven Schneider) and film explorations of the
social and political issues associated with fringe regions within Europe and
their integration.

The first issue is now online and features:

-Peter Hames writing on Béla Tarr;
-Andrew James Horton on Russian films at the Karlovy Vary film festival;
-Steffen Hantke on the lingering shadow of Germany's Nazi past as a horror

The site will also host the popular *Kinoeye* archive, linking to
content-rich web resources on central, east and southeast European cinema
across the web. The archive is currently in the process of being updated and
will include a larger selection and, for the first time, will carry
diacritics on all names and film titles.

We invite you to read our first issue, and also to consider contributing to
a future edition. See our site for more guidelines on the latter.

Andrew James Horton

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