While I was in film school I saw this wonderful film about prisoners in a

I can't remember the name or much of anything. It seem to me that my
instructor told me that this was a huge (landmark) film in experimental film.
I believe it was a female director who was very famous for experimental films
(I might be wrong).

The film is in black and white had men passing the time in cells trying to
amuse themselves. It was silent and there is this great sexual scene where a
prisoner blows smoke through a hole in the wall in-between the two cells.

This truly was one of the best films I have ever seen and I have seen too
many. I am confident someone out there knows this film since I am sure it is
noteworthy. It seem to be 1940-50's (maybe wrong again)

Please let me know and if you know where I can get a copy, great. I would
love to get a copy of the film. This might have been the best film I have


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