Speaking of altered prints.  The note abot LA NOTTE brought to mind my
recent viewing of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, which I had taped off American
Movie Classics.  It was generally a good print, but I was surprised
when the film simply ended at the amusement park without the little
denouement bit of Ruth Roman and Farley Granger on a train. Instead,
there was a straight cut to the Warner Bros. logo.

I've noticed that a couple of synopses of the film do not mention that
last bit either.  Does anyone know if the film was released (or
re-released) without that ending?  It's not uncommon for such things to
happen on TV but AMC usually tends to be pretty good about not cutting.

Don Larsson

Donald F. Larsson
English Department, AH 230
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN  56001

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